HIFU Non-Invasive Facelift


Izzy and Debbie are now fully qualified in HIFU non surgical facelifts…loved by celebrities!🙌🏼

With just one treatment the results are impressive…after two further treatments the collagen continues to become buoyant again. This is a progressive treatment so it continues to work for months afterwards.


Treatment includes a cleanse and skin polish to eradicate dead skin cells, then a V Max Massage followed by a hi frequency ultrasound facial that awakens collagen that has been dormant for years!

We then add the micro needling treatment to add the collagen skin boosters. It isn’t painful at all and we then finish with moisturiser. 🧴

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We will add further pictures of this lovely clients progress 😍

Who wouldn’t love younger looking skin without invasive treatments…

We are now offering this treatment and are looking for 5 case studies…this will help us secure a portfolio of our work and allow you to get this treatment for 20% off!

A 3 step facial

Usually £275 but for a limited time only we will be offering this at £220

What is collagen 

Collagen is the main structural protein in the extracellular matrix found in the body's various connective tissues. As the main component of connective tissue, it is the most abundant protein in mammals, making up from 25% to 35% of the whole-body protein 

What does it do ?

Collagen is protein molecules made up of amino acids. It provides structural support to the extracellular space of connective tissues. Due to its rigidity and resistance to stretching, it is the perfect matrix for skin, tendons, bones, and ligaments.

What is collagen made of ? 

Collagen is made up of three amino acids: glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. What foods are high in collagen? Protein-rich foods, like meat, eggs, fish and seafood, beans, and dairy will all supply your body with a range of amino acids needed to make collagen. 

We start to lose collagen just after our 20’s ..

When should we start taking collagen or having collagen treatments such as facials ?

Any age can benefit from collagen. But since aging effects manifest later in life, collagen supplementation is advised to begin in the early 20s. You might find that the effects of aging set in more quickly if you lead a strenuous lifestyle.

Should a 60 year old woman take collagen?

It Can Help to Protect Against Bone Loss

Bones are mostly made of collagen, so when our body ages and loses collagen, bone mass and bone strength suffer. Adding in a collagen supplement, along with other bone strengthening exercises and supplements, can help to prevent bone breakage.

What destroys collagen?

* Eating too much sugar and refined carbs. Sugar interferes with collagen's ability to repair itself.

* Getting too much sunshine. Ultraviolet radiation can reduce collagen production.

* Smoking reduces collagen production. ...

* Some autoimmune disorders, such as lupus, can also damage collagen.

The benefits of hifu facials 

How can the hifu facial help reduce fine lines ?

The ultrasound energy encourages the production of collagen 

Hifu facial treatment is significantly cheaper than any surgical facelift. If you are looking for subtle changes to your appearance, you may not want to have surgical treatment. Surgery can be very expensive, risky and prone to complications. With Hifu, you can rejuvenate your skin and appearance much easier

How long does it take for collagen to regenerate after HIFU?

After your HIFU treatment, you may see some instant tightening and lifting (20%+), but the best results will take 2-3 months as your body naturally regenerates collagen.

HIFU better than fillers?

It is a non-invasive technique that uses the body's own generated collagen fibres as a stimulation, whereas botox and fillers involve injecting substances to achieve the same results. Hence HIFU is more natural and long-lasting and more affordable when compared to botox and fillers 

We recommend 3 monthly hifu facials 

Then rest for 6 months 

Then repeat 

You may also have Botox as well as hifu for a really beautiful finish 

What does microneedling actually do?

Microneedling is another part of our hifu facial experience 

It is a minimally invasive procedure for your skin. Your healthcare provider uses tiny needles that you don’t feel to make tiny holes in the top layer of your skin. We add collagen to your skin by using this system 

This helps stimulate your skin's healing process, so it produces more collagen and elastin. These proteins keep your skin firm and smooth

So with 3 different attachments to this beautiful facial machine 

We cleans and peel the skin ( a very gentle relaxing massage with our hands ) 

Then we build the foundation underneath the skin to accept this lovely new collagen

We then reawaken the sleeping collagen so it starts to work again 

We finish my closing the pores after adding collagen cream and oils onto your face 

Finishing with a hand massage and moisturiser 

Your skin will look and feel tighter and will continue to improve over the next 6 months 

We will see you in 3-4 weeks for your next facial 

Micro needling or Botox?

As stand-alone treatments, these are both fantastic in their own ways. Botox will provide good visual results on the skin, as the area will look and feel smoother – although for firmer, plumper, healthy-looking skin, microneedling wins, hands-down.

So why not have both ? 

We can talk about that when you have your free consultation 

HIFU Aftercare Checklist

1. Avoid The Sun. After the HIFU skin treatment, it is important for you to try to prevent yourself from exposure to sunlight and cold for a few weeks. ...

2. Take A Break From Alcohol. Stop giving your liver excess work. ...

3. Don't Scratch Your Skin. ...

4. Drink More Water. ...

5. Don't Have Hot Showers or Baths

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